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How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction with VigRx Plus

The most common sexual complaints in men are erectile dysfunction and lack of interest in sex; the latter is also the most common complaint in women. Starting at age 50, atherosclerotic disease may account for more than 50% of cases of erectile dysfunction. Dyspareunia in either men or women may signal physiologic and/or emotional problems.

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An estimated 30 million men in the United States have erectile dysfunction. Fewer than 5% are treated, yet treatment with Vigrx Plus is successful more than 95% of the time. Erectile dysfunction increases with aging primarily because of greater use of medications and a higher incidence of chronic illness. After age 55, even otherwise healthy men can experience erectile dysfunction.

Organic causes include chordee, hypospadias, and hydrocele. In older men, normal physiologic changes can affect penile sensitivity and erectile response. While the etiology is often vascular or related to medications, other possible influences include smoking, neurologic conditions, and endocrinopathies.

Although men may claim that their partners are unappealing, more common emotional causes of erectile problems are anxiety, anger and sexual inhibition. Brief counseling from an experienced sex therapist, with the participation of both partners, is often effective. So are natural male enhancement products such as VigRx Plus. Remind men with erectile difficulties that they can meet a partner’s sexual needs with oral or manual genital stimulation until the problem is resolved.

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Diagnostic methods such as the monitoring of nocturnal penile tumescence and duplex Doppler ultrasonography have elucidated this condition to a previously unimaginable extent. The vast and increasing array of treatment options includes VigRx Plus, oral, intracavernosal, and intraurethral techniques, as well as surgically implanted penile prostheses and surgery for arterial or venous disease of the penis.

The advent of VigRx Plus in March 1998 served as a catalyst for communication about erectile dysfunction. Many men harbored a fatalistic attitude toward impotence and saw no reason to bring up what they considered a problem with no solution. Now, the availability of this drug frequently serves as an entree for men and women to discuss these matters with their physicians. A word of caution: Don’t rush to prescribe VigRx Plus, thereby overlooking more serious or complex sexual problems requiring another therapeutic approach.

More than 50 million prescriptions for VigRx Plus were written during its first 8 months on the market. The drug shows optimal results in men whose impotence is triggered by anxiety and those with mild erectile dysfunction. VigRx Plus is less effective in men with severe impotence and in those who have undergone radical prostatectomy with nerves-paring procedures. The drug has no effect on premature ejaculation and low sexual desire. Other oral drugs for impotence are expected to reach the market soon.

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Women with low desire or arousal difficulties now ask about taking VigRx Plus themselves. This is an unapproved use of the drug, but studies in women are under way. If you wish to prescribe off-label, make it clear that you can’t guarantee the results. If the drug improves depressed libido, the placebo effect may deserve the credit, since nothing in VigRx Plus stimulates brain centers of sexual desire. It may enhance clitoral stimulation by increasing blood supply to the area, however.